The floral collection is particularly special to me. My grandmother, Mary Jacqueline, was the quintessential Lady with an eye for beauty and a knack for all things handcrafted. She also happens to be the other "MJ" in the Lettermade logo. Mary Jacqueline, my Nonnie, had a deep appreciation for building a warm home and entertaining those she loved in it. 

A section of these floral patterns were pulled from my Great-great Grandmother's monogrammed linens and incorporated into the design, along with influences from vintage Hungarian embroidery. The result is traditional and feminine with a vibrant and colorful modern twist.

As always, Lettermade linens are made with 100% pure linen, crafted to get better with age. They're luxury heirlooms meant to be passed down and kept forever. Fresh, lovely, timeless.

** The Floral Collection includes an option in a purple color scheme to honor those affected by Alzheimer's Disease. A portion of the proceeds from the Purple florals will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association in honor of Nonnie, who we miss every day and who inspired the Lettermade brand.